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Currently in construction


Available for bookings in Europe


Accepting bookings from summer 2022 onwards


Suitable for street festivals or other outdoor events

An intimate living room concert, built for public spaces. This latest offering is a pop-up living room designed specifically for street festivals. Fully self contained, fully mobile, and able to be set up in minutes, it turns any outdoor space into a cosy living room. Available for bookings in Europe.

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"Wohnzimmerkonzert" will be available for bookings at street festivals and other outdoor events from the middle of 2022. It is a mobile living room designed and built specifically for applications where a "living room" would not be expected. It is fully self contained and powered, can be built up and packed down within a few minutes, and be transported easily using a customised bike trailer.

Booking Details

Length: build time 5-10 minutes, concert 30-45 minutes, pack down time 5-10 minutes.

Language: available in both English and German.

Location: available for bookings in Europe

Price: the show is aimed at street festivals and outdoor events. For "hat" festivals the normal booking conditions apply. For other events where "hatting" or "tipping" is not standard, such as expos or trade shows, please just contact me with an offer. I am happy to discuss one off shows or regular shows over the course of an extended event. Anything is possible, just write me an email with your ideas!

Technical Requirements

Venue Requirements: extremely flexible. The setup was designed and built for outdoor use and was specifically built to be mobile and able to be built up and down quickly. The rig is also fully self contained. 

Sound Requirements: na

Monitoring Requirements: na

Backline and Equipment: na

Lighting Requirements: na

Other Tour Requirements

Catering: for events offering catering and refreshments, please endeavour to buy fair trade where possible. Geordie has no specific dietary requirements or restrictions.

Accommodation and Travel: Geordie will drive and prefers to travel with his family (wife and 2 small children) where possible. For bookings where accommodation is necessary, please take this into consideration and consult with Geordie prior to booking anything.

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