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Physical Merchandise

Physical merchandise is sold through Bandcamp - things like Vinyls, CDs, and Tab Books. If you're interested...


Since 2011, I've been composing and performing solo instrumental guitar pieces. I guess it's what I'm known for. Here are my latest studio albums.


Recently, I have been focussing on composing for stage and film, incorporating extra instrumentation and moving away from single instrument compositions.

Digital Albums and EPs


A selection of short play releases, made up of found sounds and ethereal loops.


Being a solo artist can get lonely. Here you'll find a selection of recordings with artists that inspire me.


A selection of live recordings...


These are albums from the years when I couldn't afford to go a studio, when all I had was my guitar and a will to get my music out there. I sold thousands of these albums on the street - all of them recorded, produced, and burnt individually in my bedroom.

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