(s)he is finally here and is ready to explore the world.

It is now available as a digital download, physical CD, limited edition double vinyl, and exclusive limited edition test pressing, as well as a Complete Tab and Notation Collection soft cover book, in both standard and collector's editions, and streaming on all good streaming services.

Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved. Music written and performed by Geordie Little. Recorded and mixed by Bob Spencer at the Famous Gold Watch. Mastered by Declan Zapala. Artwork by Ben Mönks.

Physical Merchandise

Physical merchandise is sold through Bandcamp - things like Vinyls, CDs, and Tab Books. If you're interested...


Since 2011, I've been composing and performing solo instrumental guitar pieces. I guess it's what I'm known for. Here are my latest studio albums.


Recently, I have been focussing on composing for stage and film, incorporating extra instrumentation and moving away from single instrument compositions.

Digital Albums and EPs

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A selection of short play releases, made up of found sounds and ethereal loops.


Being a solo artist can get lonely. Here you'll find a selection of recordings with artists that inspire me.


A selection of live recordings...


These are albums from the years when I couldn't afford to go a studio, when all I had was my guitar and a will to get my music out there. I sold thousands of these albums on the street - all of them recorded, produced, and burnt individually in my bedroom.

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