Live Shows

From hole-in-the-wall bars to festival main stages and everything in between, Geordie has played shows in 30 countries across 6 continents. He has opened for Hang Massive at Lido in Berlin, played the main stage at Electroruga de Buzad in Romania, and even opened the famous Fusion Festival. If you are a booker/promoter and want to book Geordie, check out the "Booker's Portal" or contact us at with your proposal.

Corporate and Private Events

Alongside his extensive touring schedule, Geordie has somewhat specialised in performing music for private and corporate events, bringing his unique style of music to parties and functions all around the world. From regular appearances for Potsdam University, to press events for the German Federal Foreign Minister, to a private concert on the top of a Swiss mountain, there is no end to the possibilities. If you are looking for something special for your next event, check out the "Booker's Portal" or contact us at with your proposal.

Street Shows

Playing on stage is fun, but there is something special about playing on the street to people who don't know who you are - and trying to win them over. On the street, magic can happen, and each year you will find Geordie somewhere in Europe playing some of the world's best street festivals and searching for those special moments. If you are a booker/promoter and want Geordie for your next festival, check out the "Booker's Portal" or contact us at with your proposal.


FAUNA CIRCUS LTD. is an award winning contemporary performing arts creation house based in the UK, but touring worldwide and specialising in physical theatre and circus set to live music. Geordie is a founding member and the musical director of the company. For more information visit


Moving.Music is a concert series like no other. Covid compliant, environmentally friendly, and completely unique, we present Berlin's best musicians to a moving audience. The musicians play from wirelessly connected mobile stages (built on bike trailers) and the audience listens via wireless headphones while riding along. With help from our event partner Silent.Move Concerts these are outdoor, moving concerts not to be missed. Check out more and reserve your place HERE

Kyson Live Band

Kyson makes beautiful music. Geordie has the pleasure of playing guitar in his live band. Check out Kyson.

Little Spencer

A guitar duo with Sunpilots lead guitarist Bob Spencer. New music coming soon.

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