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Private & Corporate Events


I specialise in background music for all types of private and corporate events, including weddings, company dinners, birthdays, family gatherings etc. Instrumental music is well suited to accompanying a wide variety of events, and I am happy to communicate with guests in both English and German if requested. The following information may be used for booking purposes. 

Contact Details:


Artist Name: 

Geordie Little


+49 157 3455 8969

What we offer:


Up to 4 hours of original instrumental music.

I only play my own music, however I have 4 hours worth of it and am able to tailor sets (even spontaneously) in order to match compositions to the atmosphere of the event at all times.

Experience, professionalism and flexibility.

I've played everything from a private birthday concert to three 90 year olds, to a press event for the German Federal Foreign Office, to a wedding celebration on top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps. Every event is different, and requires an individual approach and a sensitivity to what it is the organisers are trying to create. I pride myself on being professional and easy to communicate with, and enjoy the challenge of working with organisers to create the perfect event. I understand that music, in many situations, is nothing more than an accompaniment rather than the centre of attention, and as such strive to enhance the atmosphere of an event rather than over power it. I also understand that sometimes things don't go as planned, and I'm more than willing to be spontaneous and flexible when it comes to program changes and the like.

Complete customisation.

Whether you need 4 hours of music non stop, one song every 20 minutes, or an hour long stage performance followed by a couple of hours of background music, I look forward to working with you to find the perfect fit for your event. Simply let me know what you have in mind and we can always find a solution.

One stop shop - no equipment hire and no paperwork!

I will bring all the technical equipment needed in order to deliver high quality sound. I can also register the event with GEMA (this is a legal requirement for all events within Germany) and file all the related paperwork so you don't have to.

Pricing and other costs:

As a guide, an on-stage appearance of up to 90 minutes usually costs between 300€ and 600€ and background music usually costs 200€ per hour, plus travel, accommodation and food expenses and 7% Mwst in Germany. BUT, this is a guide only - Art is for everyone and money should not be the reason a concert doesn't take place - I simply ask for an honest offer depending on your budget! If you are organising a small family event and can only afford 100€, that's fine. If you are a massive corporation planning a large scale event with an endless budget however, then I would also expect that to be reflected in your offer.

Marketing and Press

Music and Streaming:



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Claro Musica

Social Media:


Instagram - @geordielittlemusic

246 Characters / 33 Words

Geordie Little, an Australian living in Berlin, plays a unique mix of percussive lap and fingerstyle guitar, combining melodies, harmonics, chords and percussion simultaneously and seamlessly switching mid-tune between lap and standard positions.  


570 Characters / 85 Words

Growing up in Adelaide, South Australia, Geordie Little is an innovative acoustic guitarist now based in Berlin, Germany. Having developed his unique style on the streets, and refined it on stages around the world, he combines percussive finger and lap styles to create something truly his own. Mixing percussion, chords, melodies, and harmonics simultaneously, and taking influence as much from the electronic and post-classical worlds as from his peers, Geordie creates aurally and visually entrancing compositions, redefining the boundaries of what the guitar can be.  


957 Characters / 142 Words

Geordie is an Australian acoustic guitarist now based in Berlin. With his own unique mix of percussive lap and fingerstyle guitar, he combines melodies, harmonics, chords and percussion simultaneously, seamlessly switching mid-tune between lap and standard positions, fast earning a reputation for his innovative compositions and live performances around the world. Signed to US acoustic label Fretmonkey Records, and holding endorsement deals with Ortega Guitars and Augustine Strings, Geordie has performed at events such as the Glastonbury, Ancient Trance, and Earth Garden Festivals, as well as the London, Budapest, and Bratislava Guitar Nights, and has won awards as a musician and producer at Fringe Festivals around the world. He is a co-founder of the Berlin Acoustic Guitar Nights, circus company FAUNA, and musicians rights organisation Berlin Street Music, and maintains an extensive touring schedule throughout Europe and the rest of the world.  


2,163 Characters / 332 Words

Geordie Little is a solo acoustic finger and lap style guitarist, originally from Adelaide, South Australia, now based in Berlin, Germany. Coming from a high school background of classical and jazz guitar, Geordie started experimenting with new age fingerstyle and two hand tapping techniques around the start of 2011. Not long after, he started busking on the streets of Adelaide and began to explore more percussive techniques, eventually starting to incorporate some lap style techniques towards the end of that year.   At the start of 2012, Geordie decided to leave university in Adelaide, move to Berlin, and become a full time musician and street performer. Since then, Geordie has developed his own mix of lap and finger style guitar, incorporating percussion, chords, and melodic lines concurrently, to create intricate acoustic soundscapes that don't belong to any one style. Unconventionally choosing to stick with nylon string guitars, including a self-built 8-string flamenco, Geordie's lap style is unlike that of the current wave of steel string guitarists playing the popular 'air tap' technique, and is a much smoother, distinctly percussive, yet melodically driven adaptation.  

Akustik Gitarre Magazine (issue 6, 2020):

"His melodic and harmonic ingenuity is second to none; Even longer or meditative pieces by the Australian never lose tension thanks to constantly new catchy themes. And he quite rightly calls himself a 'composer' - his works are rigorously worked through, have mood and structure and never offend the listener by simply attempting any random pile of cheap guitar tricks or rolling out a groove that has been found." (translated from German) 

Samuel Sauter, P3 Projekt GmbH:

"As Event Organisers we work with clients from the business, science, and culture sectors and have had the pleasure of working with Geordie on many occasions. Whether on stage during a Gala Event or as part of an arts or cultural project, Geordie is highly professional, highly impressive, and unforgettable. From the view of both the organiser and the public Geordie cannot be bettered." (translated from German)

Elfi Wettenkamp, GKW Fachbetrieb:

"Top! Happy to do it again any time! Everyone was amazed - by the music as well as the musician!" (translated from German)

Sophie Bellman, Stop Micro Waste!

"I have seen Geordie on the street, in living room concerts and on stage and just had to have him play at our Event. The music was wonderful, he created a super atmosphere, and everything was completely uncomplicated. It was a wonderful evening. I can only recommend him. Everyone should invite Geordie to play on their sofa." (translated from German).

Accredited Press Photos:

All photos on the PHOTOS page and in the following gallery are downloadable and are accredited for press and promotional use. Please take notice of and reference photo credits where necessary.

Example Videos:

A selection of videos so you can see what you are buying...

Previous Clients:

German Federal Foreign Minister
British Ambassador in Prague
Marley Spoon
Regular bookings for Potsdam University (booked by P3 Projekt)
Stop Micro Waste!
BMW Stiftung
Various weddings and birthdays
Regular appearances at Vabali Berlin
Berliner Festspielhaus
German Cultural Ministry
GKW Fachbetrieb
Private bookings in Australia, Germany, Switzerland, England, and the Seychelles


GEMA Forms and Setlists:

For those of you who wish to register the event with GEMA yourselves, here are pre-filled setlists listed by set length.

30 Minute Set

45 Minute Set

60 Minute Set

90 Minute Set

120 Minute Set

180 Minute Set

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