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Current Projects


An intimate concert experience showcasing selected compositions from across my entire catalogue, interspersed with anecdotes and stories from my journey thus far. Available for bookings worldwide in both 60 and 90 minute versions.

Geordie Little Live

"It Shouldn't Have Legs" Fauna Circus

The latest offering from Swedish based Fauna Circus Ltd., "It Shouldn't Have Legs" mixes contemporary circus, live music, and innovative set and prop design. The show is tour ready and is currently available for bookings worldwide. I am the musical director and a touring performer.

It Shouldn't Have Legs

Instrumental Music for Events

I am always available for bookings for private or corporate events of any kind. With 4 hours of original instrumental music, a relaxed but professional attitude, and in-house tech hire, my music will add a little extra to any event.

Universität Potsdam.jpg

Geordie Little & Sandro Friedrich

An online collaboration across borders. Sandro in Switzerland, myself in Germany. We've never met in person, but our music has already been born. "How it Feels to Fly", our first album, is available now.

Geordie Little & Sandro Friedrich

#HiddenGarden silent.move

A biweekly concert series in Rixdorf, Berlin featuring both up and coming and established artists from Berlin and beyond. The concerts take place in a beautiful secret garden and are completely silent, thanks to the use of high quality wireless headphones.



An intimate living room concert, built for public spaces. This latest offering is a pop-up living room designed specifically for street festivals. Fully self contained, fully mobile, and able to be set up in minutes, it turns any outdoor space into a cosy living room. Will be available for bookings in Europe from summer 2022.


#ArtistsOnWheels silent.move

A concert series like no other. Covid compliant, environmentally friendly, and completely unique, we present Berlin's best musicians to a moving audience. The musicians play from wirelessly connected mobile stages (built on bike trailers) and the audience listens via wireless headphones while riding along. 


Past Projects

"Street Show"

The original busking offering - nothing more than concerts outside using a custom built all-in-one busking rig.

Photo Credit; Caroline Rühle - Prague.jpg

"FAUNA" Fauna Circus

The award winning original self-titled Fauna show performed to 58,000 people over 160 shows across 21 different countries. It is no longer available for bookings. Found out more HERE

FAUNA, Adelaide Fringe 2017


3 musicians and 2 acrobats explore the many ways they can interact and influence one another. The show was written for the Adelaide Fringe, winning the John Chattaway Innovation Award in 2015.


"A View From the Street"

Live music performance set to an hour long film depicting what it's like to be a street performer. Shot in Adelaide, and based on my real experiences as a busker, the show won a Best Music award at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2014, before touring to Melbourne, Budapest, Amsterdam, and Prague.


"Between the Lines"

An intimate musical performance exploring the differing ways music affects people and featuring original artworks by a local Adelaide artist. Conceived for the Adelaide Fringe Festival, it was nominated for Best Music back in 2013.

Soph Kristan.jpg

Fruiting Bodies Fauna Circus

An online collaboration born out of Covid Restrictions, produced by Fauna Circus Ltd. and funded by Bristol City Arts and Rigas Cirks. A video project for which I composed and created the soundtrack. Watch it HERE

Cover Art.jpg

Kyson Live Band

Kyson is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer. It has been an honour to work with him on various releases and to play in his live band. Listen to Kyson's music HERE

shellyinconcert 13.JPG

Berlin Acoustic Guitar Nights

A unique concert series that ran for 4 seasons from 2016-19 at Prachtwerk in Neukölln. Monthly guitar concerts featuring world renowned contemporary guitarists and hosted by myself and Pan Chimzee.

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Little Spencer

A guitar duo formed in 2013 with fellow Australian guitarist Bob Spencer. We released a single album and toured Germany before our other projects took us in different directions. Listen to the album HERE

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