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Music for Events


Available for bookings year round for all private and corporate events


Available for bookings Worldwide

Price Guide

300€ to 600€ for a concert

200€ per hour for background music


Weddings, birthdays, family festivals, corporate events, Christmas parties etc. - any gathering that requires entertainment

I am always available for bookings for private or corporate events of any kind. With 4 hours of original instrumental music, a relaxed but professional attitude, and in-house tech hire, my music will add that little extra to any event.

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More Information



I am an experienced performer for events of all types and enjoy the challenge of finding tailored solutions to match any ideas you may have, both for private and corporate events. I am able to play up to 4 hours of original instrumental music and interchange between concert style performances and background music. I also pride myself on being professional and flexible and am able to adapt to last minute changes in running orders or event schedules. I can also provide any necessary technical equipment myself.

Booking Details

Length: anything up to 4 hours of music.

Language: concert style performances available in both English and German, background music without.

Location: available for bookings worldwide, however please consider the environment when deciding on the entertainment for your event.

Price: the cost is flexible and wholly dependent on your budget. As a guide I ask for between 300€ and 600€ for a concert, or 200€ per hour for background music - this being said, more, or less, is completely acceptable. Art is for everyone, and money should not be the reason for a concert falling through. All requests will be responded to fairly and honestly, regardless of how little or how much you are able to pay.

Technical Requirements

Venue Requirements: extremely flexible. It's your event and I am happy to adapt to any space, indoors or out. Amplification can also be provided.

Sound Requirements: for venues with an in house system, Geordie asks for a high quality PA consisting of at least 2 x 12" mid range speakers and 1 x sub.

Monitoring Requirements: 1 x on-stage foldback monitor mixed to mimic FOH.

Backline and Equipment: na

Lighting Requirements: na

Other Tour Requirements

Catering: for venues offering catering and refreshments, please endeavour to buy fair trade where possible. Geordie has no specific dietary requirements or restrictions.

Accommodation and Travel: for bookings in Europe, but outside Berlin, Geordie will most likely drive and travel with his family (wife and 2 small children). For bookings where accommodation is necessary, please consult with Geordie prior to booking anything.

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