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Geordie is an experienced street musician and has already played at some of the worlds biggest street music festivals. He can perform in both English and German and is currently available for bookings in all European countries. The following information may be used for booking or promotional purposes. 

Contact Details:


Artist Name: 

Geordie Little


+49 157 3455 8969

Music and Streaming:



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Claro Musica

Social Media:


Instagram - @geordielittlemusic

Facebook (not regularly updated)


Twitter - @geordielittle1

TikTok - @geordielittle

Comments on Technical Setup:


Required Space:

2m x 2m plus audience

Technical Setup:

Geordie plays instrumental music on an acoustic nylon string guitar, uses a microphone to speak between songs, and has a custom built sound setup built out of: 

- 150W Phonic Powerpod powered mixer  

- 15" 200W speaker box 

- reverb pedal

- pure sin wave converter

- tracer battery

PLEASE NOTE: The size and maximum output of Geordie's sound setup is in no way representative of the actual volume level when on pitch. The act is intended as a chill out set, thus the volume level can be classified as medium at most. A  large speaker is needed for optimal sound, NOT volume.

Power Requirements:

If there is power provided (standard 220 - 240V), Geordie will make use of it, however the sound setup can run on battery and is completely self contained. This means Geordie can set up anywhere without restriction.

Setup and pack down:

As Geordie's setup is completely self contained, it is able to be setup and packed up in just a few minutes. It is also completely mobile and can be wheeled between pitches easily without any help. 

Pitch and surface:

Geordie can play on all surfaces and on any size pitch. His volume can be adjusted in relation to the type of pitch, meaning he feels just as comfortable in small alcoves as on big ring show pitches.


As Geordie plays an expensive wooden instrument, playing in heavy rain is unfortunately not possible. Geordie does however have a large umbrella/rain cover under which he is able to play in light rain or drizzle, and is more than happy to play in bad weather if there is a cover provided by the festival. Also, Geordie is Australian, so playing in full sun is not a problem!

Travel, Food and Accommodation requirements:

Geordie has a young family and likes to travel with them when possible. In that case a room with a double bed is sufficient but a cot would be appreciated. If travelling with family is not possible then Geordie is happy to sleep in a room with a single bed, but we do ask for a private room (i.e. not shared with other performers etc.). 

Geordie prefers to drive with his own car, as the sound setup is designed to fit inside and is too cumbersome for public transport. As a general rule, distances for travel expenses should be calculated to and from Berlin, however this may differ depending on other bookings. We ask for dedicated safe/secure parking either near festival backstage or accommodation. In instances where driving is not possible, this should be discussed with us first as it may mean needing to be provided with a sound setup. In any case we would expect a reimbursement of all travel costs including any travel tickets, petrol, tolls, or entry costs (vignettes etc.).

Geordie holds both Australian and British passports, and holds a long term German residency visa.

Geordie has no specific food allergies and is happy to eat whatever is provided, however it would be appreciated if all snacks are fairtrade where possible.

Accredited Press Photos:

All photos on the PHOTOS page and in the following gallery are downloadable and are accredited for press and promotional use. Please take notice of and reference photo credits where necessary.

GEMA Forms and Setlists:

The following are pre-filled GEMA setlists listed by set length.


45 Minute Set

60 Minute Set

Bios, Writeups & Copy

246 Characters / 33 Words

Geordie Little, an Australian living in Berlin, plays a unique mix of percussive lap and fingerstyle guitar, combining melodies, harmonics, chords and percussion simultaneously and seamlessly switching mid-tune between lap and standard positions.  


570 Characters / 85 Words

Growing up in Adelaide, South Australia, Geordie Little is an innovative acoustic guitarist now based in Berlin, Germany. Having developed his unique style on the streets, and refined it on stages around the world, he combines percussive finger and lap styles to create something truly his own. Mixing percussion, chords, melodies, and harmonics simultaneously, and taking influence as much from the electronic and post-classical worlds as from his peers, Geordie creates aurally and visually entrancing compositions, redefining the boundaries of what the guitar can be.  


957 Characters / 142 Words

Geordie is an Australian acoustic guitarist now based in Berlin. With his own unique mix of percussive lap and fingerstyle guitar, he combines melodies, harmonics, chords and percussion simultaneously, seamlessly switching mid-tune between lap and standard positions, fast earning a reputation for his innovative compositions and live performances around the world. Signed to US acoustic label Fretmonkey Records, and holding endorsement deals with Ortega Guitars and Augustine Strings, Geordie has performed at events such as the Glastonbury, Ancient Trance, and Earth Garden Festivals, as well as the London, Budapest, and Bratislava Guitar Nights, and has won awards as a musician and producer at Fringe Festivals around the world. He is a co-founder of the Berlin Acoustic Guitar Nights, circus company FAUNA, and musicians rights organisation Berlin Street Music, and maintains an extensive touring schedule throughout Europe and the rest of the world.  


2,163 Characters / 332 Words

Geordie Little is a solo acoustic finger and lap style guitarist, originally from Adelaide, South Australia, now based in Berlin, Germany. Coming from a high school background of classical and jazz guitar, Geordie started experimenting with new age fingerstyle and two hand tapping techniques around the start of 2011. Not long after, he started busking on the streets of Adelaide and began to explore more percussive techniques, eventually starting to incorporate some lap style techniques towards the end of that year.   At the start of 2012, Geordie decided to leave university in Adelaide, move to Berlin, and become a full time musician and street performer. Since then, Geordie has developed his own mix of lap and finger style guitar, incorporating percussion, chords, and melodic lines concurrently, to create intricate acoustic soundscapes that don't belong to any one style. Unconventionally choosing to stick with nylon string guitars, including a self-built 8-string flamenco, Geordie's lap style is unlike that of the current wave of steel string guitarists playing the popular 'air tap' technique, and is a much smoother, distinctly percussive, yet melodically driven adaptation.  

Example Videos:

A selection of full or extended length videos from the street.

Previous Festivals:

BuskerBus, Poland

Straßenkunstfestival Norden, Germany

STRAMU Würzburg, Germany

Buskers Chur, Switzerland

Linzer Pflasterspektakel, Austria

Aufgetischt!, Switzerland

Göppinger Straßenfest, Germany

Ludwigsburg Straßenmusikfestival, Germany

East Side Music Days, Germany

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland

Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australia

Book Geordie for your next Festival:

If you would like to book Geordie for the next edition of your festival, simply send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.