Artist Name:

Geordie Little



(+49) 0157 3455 8969


Record Label (USA):

Fret Monkey Records



Musszo Publishing, Kick the Flame



Ortega Guitars

Augustine Strings

Pyramid Saiten

Other Projects:

Fauna - Contemporary Circus Project (Tour Ready)

Berlin Acoustic Guitar Nights - Concert Series at Prachtwerk


Social Media Links:






Minimum Venue Requirements:

It is expected that ALL venues and event locations be fitted with ALL equipment necessary to facilitate a professional event of the highest quality (this obviously does not apply to Street/Busking Festivals). Of course we understand that the level and type of equipment necessary is dependent on the form of event (concert halls vs outdoor music festivals for example), and that it is sometimes necessary (for example for private bookings) for equipment to be hired in, however to retain artistic integrity and to enable Geordie to deliver a performance at the level expected of him, it would be only in specific situations in which he would agree to perform in locations with anything less than the following:


 - high quality PA incl.

 - ​minimum​ 2 x 12" mid/hi range speakers

 - 1 x Sub


Stage Monitoring:

 - 1 x on stage monitor positioned in front of performance position 

 - 1-3 x DI (depending on the event and the number of guitars)

 - any standard microphone for speaking (eg. SM58)

House Controls:

 - high quality mixing desk

Geordie also requires cold tap water backstage, and all snacks should be fairtrade where possible.

Of course Geordie will bring all required instruments and pedals.


Tech Rider and Press Kit can be downloaded HERE


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Künstler Name:

Geordie Little



(+49) 0157 3455 8969


Plattenfirma (USA):

Fret Monkey Records



Musszo Publishing, Kick the Flame



Ortega Guitars

Augustine Strings

Pyramid Saiten

Andere Projekten:

Fauna - zeitgenössische Zirkus (Tourneebereit)

Berlin Acoustic Guitar Nights - Konzertreihe im Prachtwerk, Berlin (momentan nicht aktuell)

Social Media Links:






Minimum Venue Anforderungen:

Wir erwarten, dass Alle Veranstaltungsorte die notwendige Ausrüstung haben, um eine hochprofessionelle Event oder Konzert zu veranstalten. Natürlich verstehen wir, dass die genaue Ausrüstung immer abhängig von der Veranstaltung ist - z.B. Open Air Musik Festival im vergleich zum Theater - und, dass für manche private oder kleinere Veranstaltungen eine Anlage mitgebracht oder angemietet sein muss, aber (ohne mit uns im Voraus zu sprechen) um seine künstlerische Integrität aufrecht zu erhalten und um die Aufführung, die von ihm als professionelle und kontrahierte Künstler zu erwarten ist, zu ermöglichen, müssen alle Veranstaltungsorte die folgende Mindestausstattung zur Verfügung haben:


hochwertige Anlage inklusive mindestens:

- 2 x 12" mid/hi Boxen

- 2 x Sub



1 x Monitorbox vor der Spielstelle positioniert

1-3 x DI (abhängig von der Veranstaltung und Anzahl der Gitarren)

irgend eine standard Micro (eg. SM58)


hochwertiges Mischpult

Geordie braucht auch kaltes Leitungswasser backstage, und wo möglich sollen alle Snacks Fairtrade und Bio sein.

Geordie bringt alle Instrumenten und Pedalen natürlich mit.


Tech Rider and Press Kit can be downloaded HERE


Alle Fotos unter folgenden Link sind für Presse- und Werbenutzung genehmigt:



Pre-filled GEMA forms and set list by length:

30 Minute Set

45 Minute Set

60 Minute Set

90 Minute Set

120 Minute Set



246 Characters / 33 Words

Geordie Little, an Australian living in Berlin, plays a unique mix of percussive lap and fingerstyle guitar, combining melodies, harmonics, chords and percussion simultaneously and seamlessly switching mid-tune between lap and standard positions.  


570 Characters / 85 Words

Growing up in Adelaide, South Australia, Geordie Little is an innovative acoustic guitarist now based in Berlin, Germany. Having developed his unique style on the streets, and refined it on stages around the world, he combines percussive finger and lap styles to create something truly his own. Mixing percussion, chords, melodies, and harmonics simultaneously, and taking influence as much from the electronic and post-classical worlds as from his peers, Geordie creates aurally and visually entrancing compositions, redefining the boundaries of what the guitar can be.  


957 Characters / 142 Words

Geordie is an Australian acoustic guitarist now based in Berlin. With his own unique mix of percussive lap and fingerstyle guitar, he combines melodies, harmonics, chords and percussion simultaneously, seamlessly switching mid-tune between lap and standard positions, fast earning a reputation for his innovative compositions and live performances around the world. Signed to US acoustic label Fretmonkey Records, and holding endorsement deals with Ortega Guitars and Augustine Strings, Geordie has performed at events such as the Glastonbury, Ancient Trance, and Earth Garden Festivals, as well as the London, Budapest, and Bratislava Guitar Nights, and has won awards as a musician and producer at Fringe Festivals around the world. He is a co-founder of the Berlin Acoustic Guitar Nights, circus company FAUNA, and musicians rights organisation Berlin Street Music, and maintains an extensive touring schedule throughout Europe and the rest of the world.  


2,163 Characters / 332 Words

Geordie Little is a solo acoustic finger and lap style guitarist, originally from Adelaide, South Australia, now based in Berlin, Germany. Coming from a high school background of classical and jazz guitar, Geordie started experimenting with new age fingerstyle and two hand tapping techniques around the start of 2011. Not long after, he started busking on the streets of Adelaide and began to explore more percussive techniques, eventually starting to incorporate some lap style techniques towards the end of that year.   At the start of 2012, Geordie decided to leave university in Adelaide, move to Berlin, and become a full time musician and street performer. Since then, Geordie has developed his own mix of lap and finger style guitar, incorporating percussion, chords, and melodic lines concurrently, to create intricate acoustic soundscapes that don't belong to any one style. Unconventionally choosing to stick with nylon string guitars, including a self-built 8-string flamenco, Geordie's lap style is unlike that of the current wave of steel string guitarists playing the popular 'air tap' technique, and is a much smoother, distinctly percussive, yet melodically driven adaptation.  
Drawing influences from the obvious Andy Mckees, Antoine Dufours and Kaki Kings, Geordie also takes much of his inspiration from electronic artists such as Bonobo, Apparat, and Kyson and post classical composers such as Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm and Lubomyr Melnyk.   

Since late 2011, Geordie has recorded a number of solo albums, collaborated with electronic musician Kyson, formed bands Orae and Place & Picture, and released and toured an album as one half of acoustic guitar duo Little Spencer. Geordie was also nominated for Best Music in the IndieBerlin Awards 2015 and has produced or co-produced four highly acclaimed, award winning shows at various Fringe Festivals. He is also co-founder of the Berlin Acoustic Guitar Nights, musicians rights organisation Berlin Street Music, and globally acclaimed circus company FAUNA. He also holds endorsement deals with Augustine Strings and Ortega Guitars, and is signed to US based acoustic guitar label FretMonkey Records.





ausgefüllte GEMA Formulare (bei Set Dauer aufgelistet):

30 Minute Set

45 Minute Set

60 Minute Set

90 Minute Set

120 Minute Set



213 Zeichen / 29 Worte

Ein Australier in Berlin lebend, Geordie Little spielt eine einzigartige Mischung von "Finger-" und "Lapstyle" Gitarre. Er kombiniert Melodien, Harmonien, Akkorden und Rhythmen um etwas völlig neues zu erschaffen.


609 Zeichen/ 82 Worte

Geordie Little ist ein Akustik-Gitarrist der speziellen Sorte. Aufgewachsen in Australien und nun in Berlin lebend, entwickelte er seinen einzigartigen Stil auf der Straße und auf den Bühnen der Welt. Er verbindet perkussiven ‘Fingerstyle’ mit seinem eigenen ‘Lapstyle’ um etwas völlig neues zu erschaffen. Mit einer Mischung aus simultan gespielten Rhythmen, Akkorden, Melodien, und Harmonien und Einflüssen aus der elektronischen-, post-klassischen-, und Gitarrenmusik, komponiert Geordie auditiv und visuell bezaubernde Klangwelten. Dabei erfährt das Publikum auf dieser Reise die Grenzen der Gitarre neu.










































Fusion Festival, Germany (Bachstelzen)

Electroruga de Buzad, Romania (Main Stage)

Lollapalooza, Germany (Weingarten)

Monis Rache Festival, Germany, (Chill Out Stage)

Earth Garden Festival, Malta (Main Stage, Alternate Stage)

Ancient Trance Festival, Germany (Chill Out Stage)

Žižkovská noc Festival, Prague (Multiple Venues)


Straßenkunstfestival Norden, Germany

STRAMU Würzburg, Germany

Buskers Chur, Switzerland

Pflasterspektakel, Austria

Aufgetischt, Switzerland

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Göppinger Straßenfest, Germany

Ludwigsburg Straßenmusik Festival, Germany

East Side Music Days, Germany


EXPO 2015, Italy (2 month contract in German Pavilion)

IGA 2017, Germany (popdeurope Festival)


German Federal Foreign Office

Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur

Potsdam University

BMW Stiftung

Marley Spoon

British Embassy, Prague


Berlin Acoustic Guitar Night (organiser)

London Guitar Night

Budapest Guitar Night

Bratislava Guitar Night

Prague Guitar Night

Amsterdam Guitar Academy


FAUNA (Best Circus & Emerging Artist Awards, Adelaide Fringe 2017; Best Circus, Edinburgh Fringe 2017)

Cadence (Innovation Award, Adelaide Fringe 2016)

A View From the Street (Best Music Weekly Award, Adelaide Fringe 2015)

Between the Lines (Best Music Nomination, Adelaide Fringe 2014)


Full Length Street Set

Filmed at the Norden Straßenkunstfestival, Germany, 2019 

Excerpt from a Concert & Workshop

Filmed at the Guitar Summit 2019, Mannheim, Germany 

Excerpt from a Concert

Filmed at Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin, Germany


Vollständiges Straßenset

Gefilmt beim Norden Straßenkunstfestival, Deutschland, 2019

Ausschnitt von einem Konzert/Workshop

Gefilmt beim Guitar Summit 2019, Mannheim, Deutschland


Ausschnitt von einem Konzert

Gefilmt im Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin, Deutschland

2010 - present

2010 - present

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